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Exchange of information, the creative spark….

Intended to promote communication among readers. Share your experience, ideas and tips by sending article(s) to the

Send us news of your own. intend in this way to show how large, diverse and vibrant, energetic, intellectual about the great Karnataka.

A willingness to push the boundaries, construct pathways to literary and cultural artifacts like music art and about places, and even to those that seemingly beyond the fields we know.

Personal milestones, organizational announcements, upcoming local and state level meetings, new reports and publications and notices of opportunities for education, research, publishing etc etc etc., Seeks to encourage and publish………. it is the

  • Article(s) should represent original work, which has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

  • The views are to be true….

  • The word limit is 2500 words.

  • The participants are required to send the articles to also Please send any suggestions to make it better…all are welcome.

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